Want good skin? Get good sleep.

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At Looma, we’re all about helping you create beautiful spaces. That’s why we spend all day thinking about things like great design, giving back, and the quality of our sheets. But there’s also sooo much more to learn and share about the way we inhabit these beautiful spaces. True, the word “wellness” is used and abused quite a bit in the consumer circuit these days, but we stand by the importance of committing to self-improvement and self-care. The best versions of ourselves are made in the wild, but also at home when we’re regenerating our bodies and minds.


Here at Looma, we’re big on bedtime – what your bedroom looks and feels like, but also what your body is doing when you hit those sheets. We’re talking ‘bout SLEEP, folks!!


Sleep is the Key to Regenerating Skin

Science has been telling us for decades about the importance of rest. Quality sleep is the foundation of building health, maintaining health, and staving off stress and age-related diseases. So yeah – sleep is important for your health and general well-being! But beyond that, we also know that sleep is essential for repairing, regenerating, and restructuring the skin. That’s because cell rejuvenation takes place when our bodies are at rest, away from harsh environmental stressors (like..the sun), and void of cortisol, the body’s stress hormone. While high cortisol doesn’t directly lead to bad skin, it does lead to inflammation.


Skin and Body Response to Low Quality Sleep

As a result of low quality sleep and heightened cortisol levels, the body enters a pro-inflammatory state, which can lead to:


    1. Acneic breakouts – self explanatory. I can personally confirm the delicate sleep-beauty connection, as every single one of my worst breakouts has been hormonal but severely aggravated by bad quality sleep.  
    2. Breakdown of collagen and hyaluronic acid – If you see lots of skincare content and ads you know these guys are responsible for gwang! (aka glow, bounce, dewiness, youth, light, love, harmony, peace, etc.) You need these important molecules to maintain elasticity and balance, but they breakdown when the skin is in a pro-inflammatory state.
    3. Inability to regulate the immune system – This can lead to body-sickness but also to immune-related skin diseases like psoriasis and eczema.
    4. Imbalanced hydration – When we’re sleeping, our hydration levels rebalance. Skin recovers moisture and processes excess fluid for removal. When we’re sleep-deprived we’re unbalanced, which leads to bags, dull skin, dryness, and wrinkles! Which is a great segue to…


  • Accelerated Aging – Anti-aging skincare is key. The most effective way to maintain your youthful glow of today all the way into tomorrow is preventative care and treatment. But beyond skincare,sleep allows growth hormones to repair damaged cells. Without deep sleep, this cannot occur, which results in more noticeable signs of aging.


Our capitalist knee-jerk reaction is to say hey now, there’s a cream for all that! And yes, there are zillions of serums, night creams (retinols/glycolic acid actually are really good at night) and face masks that could possibly make you gorgeous overnight.  It’s a $140 billion dollar industry – do you blame ‘em? BUT what about sleeping your way to better overall skin health? Healthy sleep is one of the best, natural, and free ways to healthy skin. Prioritizing sleep, and seeking ways to improve the quality of your shut-eye could be a simple way to


Looma-Researched Tips to Getting Good Sleep and Healthier Skin

  1. *spongebob voice* Water – Plenty during the day, but not too much before bed.
  2. Minimize screen time – Before bed especially, as electronics emit harmful blue light that can make you groggy.
  3. Breathable cotton sheets – Did you know that when you sleep, your skin becomes hotter and more acidic? Ew. Here’s our solution: In addition to a heavier moisturizer or cream, make sure your bedsheets are breathable and hypoallergenic cotton. Try any of our Foundation Bundles, made lovingly with 100% long fiber threads for the softest, most breathable luxury bed sheets in the market.
  4. ~AcCeSsOrIzE~ – Essential oils for sleep, silk eye masks, breathable cotton pajamas, earplugs.. The internet is rich with information on the latest sleep accessories that some users swear by.


In a world where a 7-step nighttime routine is normal it would be easy to overlook the importance of something as basic as good quality sleep. But for maintaining general health and a strong body, mind, and skin for years to come, see how good sleep habits and the best sleep practices can help.  


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